FairPlay: Responsible Gaming

Fairplay does its best to make the experience on the platform as rewarding and safe as possible for its users. At the same time, the developers are aware of the consequences of such activities. Therefore, many issues are directly controlled in order to avoid negative effects. In order to get information on how to gamble safely, correctly, and approach it responsibly, you should read the following sections:

Responsible Gaming

Gambling Self-Assessment and Assistance OrganizationsThis company will help you determine your level of personal responsibility for your actions during the gambling process.
Identity ChecksThe platform provides its services to users strictly 18+. This issue is controlled even at the stage of creating a personal account. You specify your date of birth, and if the company has any questions, you may be asked to provide proof of identity. This is done to limit the negative impact on underage people in India.
Controlling BehaviorThe Company itself may personally influence players’ gambling behavior by setting deposit limits, controlling play activity, setting breaks for extended periods online, opening access to setting game time reminders, closing accounts when necessary, self-exclusion modes, controlling play automatically, conducting a series of internal checks.

This information will allow you to keep yourself in check and not spend all your money online. Remember that gambling is good, but only if in moderation. If you feel that you cannot control it, you should give up such activity and, if necessary, contact a specialist.